Some of my projects


My B.Tech (Mechanical Engineering) final year project was to create a 3D modeling package. The package was made using C. Basic modeling techniques such as extrusion, revolution, lofting etc. were explored. All the line drawing routines were were programmed using Bresenham line algorithm since the compiler did not have built-in graphics routines.


Scooters and Bikes

Rave was my first big project as a designer at Bajaj Auto Ltd. All the surfaces were designed in Alias v3.2. Kinetic Zing was as a result of technology demonstration of CAID/CAD at Kinetic engineering. All phases of design were done on computers ..from sketching to structural analysis and optimization.



Most of my involvement in car design has been as a digital sculptor and consultant. I was a consultant and trainer for Mahindra & Mahindra for their pioneering effort in creating Xylo as an entirely in-house design project.

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